Thursday, May 31, 2012

All's well

Yesterday I carried my cell phone around with me all day.  Normally I don't have it with me because it is inconvenient to answer and I am in classes with children.  They can't have their phones, so..... Yesterday my father-in-law, so near and dear to my heart, had surgery.  It wasn't heart surgery, but still there are risks the older you are.  During a break I called my son to ask him to take out a package of hamburger so we could have tacos for dinner.  He didn't answer--not unusual for him--and I assumed he was just busy.  So, totting my phone around all day, the only phone call I got was from a wrong number calling me back.  I miss dialed one number for my son, which is why he didn't answer. 

The surgery went well and my husband is not stressed out anymore.  My darling daughter took the meat out when she got home from work and we did have the tacos for dinner.  I went to Starbucks to have tea with my friend.  So we are all well at this point.  Hurrah!

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