Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Turkeys

We live next door to the Turkey Family.  Talk about a really bad last name.....Okay, their last name isn't really Turkey, but it is closely related to the turkey and it is not great--so not great that the mom went back to her maiden name, Hill, when she divorced to get rid of that turkey name.  But we are changing the name to protect the innocent.

We have a lot of stories about the Turkey family.  My husband could barely stand to live next to them and prayed that one day they would move and we would have good neighbors.  Now, he knows this doesn't always come true.  We have had some really interesting/horrible neighbors.  But the Turkey's really irritated him because the oldest boy, Sam, had a band--a really bad band!  The boys would play all day long and into the night.  I can't even count the times we called the police--not helpful.  Sam is now 24 years old and he moved out to live with his girlfriend.  When that happened, the band just went away.  Hurrah!  About a year ago, Sam (now 24 years old) moved back in.  The girlfriend thing did not end well, I understand.  I am kept up-to-date on the Turkeys because my son is best friends with the middle son, Elliot.

Last week I came home at 5am aftering dropping the darling daughter off at work.  As I walked groggily up the lawn to the house, I noticed Sam's car door was wide open.  He had also put some duct tape on a small side back window that was missing and it was flapping in the wind.  I closed the door and left a note.  I forgot all about it until last night when I noticed Sam had fixed the window.  I mentioned it to my husband and he told me he gave the window to Sam and put it in for him.  WOW!  He even told me he thought Sam was a nice guy.  OH MY GOD!  What a change!

I am happy that  my husband is being nice to Sam.  The father is an idiot and none of his children speak to him.  He gambled his money away and then left them.  He had another family and three more children.  He gambles now in Texas. 

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