Monday, May 7, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

It is Teacher Appreciation time again.  This is what I did for my teachers I work with.....  Student reads the letter and other students bring up goodies.

Dear Mrs. M,

You have been a "sweetheart" (student gives box of sweethearts to teacher) this year.  We "love" (dove heart) you for all the "joy" (almond joy candy bar) you bring to us.  You are such a "Kool" (Koolaide drink)teacher.  We appreciate the "mounds" (mounds candy bar) of learning you give to us.  Thank you for a "poppin" (microwave popcorn) good year!

So here is an "apple" (a real apple) for you because we are "nuts" (package of nuts) about you!

Hugs and "Kisses" (Hershey's kisses)

For the teacher who is pregnant and will be going home for the rest of the year in 1-2 weeks I added this:
We hope you "skittle" (sour skittles) on home and come back next year.  I happen to know that her favorite is sour candy. 
For the science teacher I added this line:  We couldn't find another teacher like you in the "milkyway" (again, a milkyway candy bar)

It was so much fun for the kids and the teachers really liked it.  It is a great idea to tell teachers how they are appreciated.

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