Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have spent this weekend doing community service type quilting.  Finishing up this project and that.  I made eight pillows for my school.  Oh, I also picked up the newest shop hop magazine.  Even though I do very little vacationing in exotic places such as Belleville, Wisconsin, Preston, Idaho or Charlotte, Michigan, I could see myself stopping in any of these shops....

On Saturday I took my daughter over to the mall.  She had this idea that we should go have corn dogs at Hot Dog On A Stick.  First we spent 10 minutes in the parking lot looking for a parking spot.  We entered into Crate & Barrel looking for a water pitcher.  After we looked at everything in the store, we went looking for Hot Dog On A Stick.  We had the general idea of where it was.  When we saw the Ferris wheel, my daughter decided it was in the food court, so up the escalator we went.  It wasn't there.  Eventually we found it hidden away on the first floor, just around the corner from the Disney Store and next to Popcornopolis.

While I was holding our table and the darling daughter was ordering, I watched this little girl who looked to be three or four years old.  She had stopped at the windows of Popcornoplis.  She had a frown on her face and was paying no attention to her mother who had walked ahead.  I first thought that the little girl wanted to go into the popcorn store (imagine honey barbecue popcorn....).  The mom realizes the girl is not with her and comes back.
     "What's wrong?" she asks.
    "I'm sad," says the girl.
    "Why are you sad?  We are going to buy a present."
    No reply.
   "Come on.  Don't you want a present?  You have to come if you want the present."
    No reply.
Finally the mom walks to her and says something that I can't hear.  The little girl started walking ever so slowly toward the Disney store.  I did briefly hope that it really was the mom and it wasn't some kidnapping thing.  At one point she called the woman "mommy" and the little boy who was with her seemed happy to be holding the woman's hand. 


Since when do we try to cajole our children to walk with us.  You're sad?  Sorry.  What a stupid mother for not keeping that little girl with her and not insisting that she stay with her.  I can tell you who is really in charge in that family!  I swear there should be a test to become a parent.

The daughter and I ended our day by cooking enchiladas, Spanish rice and beans for dinner.  It was the 5th of May!

Have a great week.  I will be watching children taking the state testing.  Such fun.......

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