Friday, May 24, 2013

Did you feel the earth move???

I have been avidly watching the stories about the destruction in Moore, Oklahoma.  I can't even imagine the horror of living where there are tornados.  Scary suckers!  After all, we only have earthquakes.  No big deal.  So last night there was a 5.9 earthquake in Greenville--off of highway 89 towards Susanville (north up toward Oregon).  The couch moved as I was pouring through magazines.  The chair opposite me was occupied by Valerie.  She was staring at the chair as if it had sprouted wings.  She thought the dog (sweet Katie) had bumped into her from behind.  Nope!

We spent so much time last night talking during my Thursday Night group that I got nothing done.  But I entertained everyone with this little tidbit:  We are having to teach family life.  I heard before class that we would be talking about the fallopian tubes.  Just the most exciting.  So, the math teacher has one science class that I help out in and he started talking about how he was going to teach this through interpretive dance!  Then he showed us.  I wish I had a video.  It was so darn funny!

I am going home to take a nap so I can babysit for Jelly tonight.  Jelly is three years old and is the daughter of my darling daughter's roommate.  

So have a great evening!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Everyday I fuss and fume because my fabric is in such disarray.  I so want to make this quilt with a white background featuring 9-patches and square in a square using my left over brights from the Saturday square quilt I am finishing up. 

More fussing:  I am finding that I started a lot of things this month, but have not finished any to show on Saturday at the Saturday Square class!  I can't belive I have NOTHING!

I began two embroidery projects this week.  There is very little time left at school this year, so there should be down time when I can embroider.  Aha!  There is my problem.  I start things, but do I finish them?????

Yesterday a student had two packages of gum.  A classmate asked for a piece and she threw it across the room.  This prompted me to take her gum away.  I put it on my desk and forgot about it because she fell asleep in her next class and went home after she woke up complaining of a tooth ache.  This morning she sent her friend to ask me for the gum.  I told the friend she couldn't have it.  I never said I wouldn't give it back to the student it belongs to, but I think she should have to ask herself.  She has 8 days to ask..........

I am mkaing a pear tart to take tonight when I go sew with three friends.  It is really delicious.  I only need pears and pie crust.  So off to the store I go....

I told a kid that he was such a boy and he turned around and said, "Im not a boy, I'm a man."  He's a boy.

Have a lovely afternoon,

Monday, May 20, 2013

A funny thing happened at the gym on Friday.  I go to swim.  I bought a special pair of flip-flops to wear--pink and black Ocean Pacific....  On Friday I realized I had forgotten my flip-flops and had to wear my tennis shoes inside.  After I finished swimming, I had just opened my locker when one of my socks fell out.  I realized I really had to use the bathroom, so I ran there, and when I got back, my sock was gone.  Vanished.  I am sure the cleaning girl swept my sock up.  I couldn't find out though because she doesn't speak English and I don't speak Spanish.  So, now I have one lone sock without a mate.  So sad...