Friday, May 18, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

You have to see this movie if you are close to retirement age.  It totally gave me hope.  With only one sad moment, it was all about the positive and finding it.  Not all found it, but we can't please everyone!!!

I went to the movie with four quilting/stitching friends.....I declined dinner beforehand.  I so seldom go to the movies.  I love movie popcorn and had to go that direction.  I know I couldn't eat dinner and the popcorn.
If  you are in the Sacramento area, you have to go to the Tower Theatre.  It is intimate and shows less than mainstream movies.  I had never been there and had to circle around twice (and ask for assistance from a parking enforcement guy).  I will be paying attention to what is playing--especially the french movies.  There is one coming up with Kristen Scott Thomas who is fabulous.

Great time.  Lovely movie!

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