Friday, May 11, 2012

Just a few things

I am Hunter.
I love to eat, sleep, be rubbed, run, eat, sleep, be rubbed, run......
I know that I am the king of this house....

I am Max.
I am so lucky that my mom lets me
sit up here by her sewing machine!
I am sure that I am the king of this house....

Just thought I would introduce two of the most important members of our household.   We have another cat, Snickers, but she is camera shy.  She is people shy.  She hides in my daughter's room most of the time.  Snickers is really the daughter's cat.  Recently the daughter began mentioning that she was looking to move out.  The bad news, for her, is that she found out that the deposit for cats is quite pricey.  I see Snickers living here for a long time

I think I mentioned that I am the Block-of-the-month person for my guild.  This one you can see is the last block that Sharon and Donna put out.  It is a very colorful spool block.  My first block is in the bags you can see on the table.  It is a basket in 30's fabrics with white background.  My goal is to remember to take picture each month so you can follow along. 
Tomorrow I am driving up (?) to Gardnerville in Nevada--about a 2.5 hour drive from here with friends.  There is a fantastic quilt shop there that everyone seems to know about and has visited but me.  We are driving up Hwy 50 and there are spots that are --oh, inches from the 1000 foot drop down the treacherous mountainside!!!!  I hope to live through it.  At least I will have one last iced tea lemonade from Starbucks!

Happy Mother's Day to all-just in case......................Too dramatic??  I think not.  I will not be taking pictures of the sheer drops because I will have my eyes closed and praying.  :)

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