Monday, May 21, 2012

Block Swap

I am thinking of doing a Block Swap with my guild.  We will make no more than 12 squares--all the same due back to me in September.  I didn't think about making them so that they flow together, but it was suggested to use paint chips from the hardware store.  I could call it the paint swatch swap.  That is a little catchy.  I figure we can all make 12 squares.  If you make one, the rest just get easier if they are the same.  I am going to announce it at this meeting in May on Thursday.  We shall see how many take me up on this.  I am thinking of red as a jumping off point.  Not red-white-blue, but that could be done.  I love red.  It is warm and inviting.  I was thinking of green first, but it doesn't seem to be really popular.  I like green, but don't use it much so it would be a challenge.

Any ideas or suggestions out there?

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