Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is she a witch???

Something funny happened this morning at work.  I work at a middle school.  Middle school students like to go to the bathroom.  It gets them out of the classroom, a place to meet their friends and reapply their make-up.  So, teachers like to use really odd objects as the bathroom pass.  One teacher uses a broom.  maybe she thinks the students will sweep their way to the restroom.  Could be helpful to our custodian.....

This morning, a student desparately had to use the bathroom at the very beginning of school.  Because there are BIG penalities for being late to class, this enterprising young woman went to class, put her stuff down and grabbed the "pass".  So the vice principal sees her and asks the student if she came to school on the broom.  Then the vice principal asks her, "could I borrow it to get home tonight?"  VERY FUNNY, or is she really a witch??????

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