Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I don't know why I have this fascination with France.  I  have never been there, don't speak french and most likely will never be in France.  I think it might be the age of it--all those old buildings and the history of it all.
My sister was born on July 14th which happens to be Bastille Day (French Independence from Louis the fourteenth and Marie Antoinette) and I spend considerable amounts of time looking for "french" gifts for her.
One more thing--I love blue and white and yellow.  I read the magazine Victoria and dream of vintage bedding.
I am the same way about Germany, England--maybe all of Europe.

Where am I going with all this?  I happened upon a blog that is wonderful.  It is in English and it is all about France.  An Australian family is living in France for some reason.  They live in Aix en Provence.  It was just fun to see the pictures posted of a very amazing/really weird parade posted on April 17th (Aix en Provence Carnaval 2012).  Go to: You Had Me At Bonjour.


Other news.  We have open house next week on Thursday.  I will be free after 11:00am.  I will be at Thimbleberries (Quilter's Corner in Sacramento) on Wednesday evening and then will be having lunch (does Kim know about this???) with Sandy and Kim at Had's in Sacramento.  Had's is a steak house on J Street.  It will be a busy day as I have plans to go over to my friend, Imelda's that day too.  Oh my gosh!  I will see all my Thimbleberries friends on Wednesday and then again on Thursday.  Who knew?  I was destined to be their friend.


  1. Oh, good, Julie! But since you're coming with us, I think we need to go to Hana Tsubaki. You'll like it--Japanese history is older than Europe's!

  2. P.S.: About that French blog: How do you know it's not You Had Meat Bonjour?

  3. P.P.S.: Another good French blog? (But not about meat!) Corey Amaro's Tongue-in-Cheek. She's a former Californian who married a Frenchman. Beautiful stuff. I've been reading her on and off for years now. Here's the link: