Monday, August 1, 2011

It is really Monday

I watched the Bachelorette last night and I have spent all day today thinking it is Tuesday. I am totally a creature of habit.

On Saturday I referred to my trip to Quilter's Corner for the Saturday Square class. Today I turned my computer on to see an email from Elaine saying there was a mistake. Too late for me. I had already made my block without a single bit of trouble. I guess she mixed up two numbers. I usually check the measurements and then make the block according to the picture, not the written instructions. Every Saturday there is someone who seemed to have tons of trouble with their block. I never seem to have problems. The picture is so clear and as long as the measurements match (I check that before I start), how can you go wrong? The funny thing here is that I consider myself to be a somewhat skillful quilter. Just the other day I was told that I didn't get a certain block-of-the-month from my guild because I wasn't a skillful quilter.
I didn't take offense. When I found out it was asked that the block be paper pieced, I was really grateful. I really hate paper piecing.

I am happy to report that I have my computer back! My adapter broke, died, stopped working. I sent for a new one. I did look at Best Buy and the like, but they sold a universal adapter that was $90.00 as opposed to the one at selling for $7.00 and made for my computer. I choose to wait a week and spend the $7.00 rather than the immediate gratification at a huge cost. I have to say, it was a really long week.

If you embroider you might want to check out: They are doing an Embroidery 101 Stitch along She is doing a birdie block-of-the-month

I'm off to color with my colored pencils. I saw a quilt that caught my eye!

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