Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got to read this book!

I read so many books meant for young adults because I want to be able to help the kiddies at school to pick out books.  What you say about a book means more if you actually read the book.  On Tuesday of last week, Maryn read from a book to her class.  I wasn't there to hear it.  I was there Wednesday.  The book sounded really good.  I already knew she was going to read it to the kiddies, so I had put a hold on it at the public library.  I was number 286 of 286 holds.  I figured I could wait.  Then she read the book again on Thursday and I realized I was missing some really important information.  I decided to ask Maryn if I could borrow her book over the weekend.  Later, my sweet girl and I went to Sam's Club to buy cat and dog food.  There was the book for $5.38 just waiting for me.  I bought it.  I started reading it at 3pm on Thursday and finished it at 5:30am on Saturday.  I had to be at Sandy's at 7am on Saturday so I got up a bit early to finish the book.  When I got around to cancelling my hold from the library on Sunday morning, I was 202 of 286 holds.  Not me!



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  1. Do you know it's a trilogy? I foresee many sleepless nights for you! LOL!