Friday, August 19, 2011

I missed Kim today.....

I had an idea of something I wanted to say today and I don't know where I left the piece of paper.  I am still a pencil/pen and paper girl.

So, until that paper materializes, something funny happened yesterday.  I unexpectedly had time off.  I thought I needed to go to some professional development thing for school, but turns out it was redundant and I was off the hook.  My original plan was to travel down to East Sac and Sandy at 3:30pm and then head over to Fabric Garden an meet up with Irene.  In real life, I saw Sandy at 10:30am and then went to the movies to see the Help with Imelda at 3:00pm.  Imelda and I went to Fabric Garden and met up with Irene.  Since Shirley is one of the owners of the shop, we saw her too.  The only one I didn't see was Kim!  I missed you, Kim!

At 8pm (very late for me) I went to B.J.'s to eat dinner.  They have a special going that is a two for twenty thing.  For $19.99 you get a soup of salad, medium pizza and a dessert.  A huge deal.  That pizza was the best.

If you haven't read The Help by Kathryn Stockett, you NEED to read it!  Then go see the movie.

Hope you day was as good as mine.


  1. I saw it last Wednesday ( free popcorn on Wednesday!) and LOVED it...

    two words....chocolate.pie.

    HA HA HA

  2. Hey you! It was so much fun seeing you at the Fabric Garden last night!! It is going to be a great time in the ole' quilt shop this Fall. Tootles