Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coffee and Good Friends

I had a minute and decided to show off my new coffee pot.  For me, coffee is the elixir of life....the fountain of youth.  This afternoon my coffee pot died.  It was a Black and Decker, the one that died.  I turned it on  and the plate never got hot.  The coffee didn't go through.  I was sad and then I remembered the coffee pot that was recently delivered to me when I bought some Gevalia coffee.  It is really good coffee.  The daughter quickly unpacked the coffee pot.  We cleaned it, put the water through and then coffee!  Thank God for coffee.

Yesterday was a joy.  I had my circle of friends over for stitching and food.  My daughter is just the sweetest.  She was available for refills of iced tea, lemonade and coffee (for her mother).  We had this yummy pasta salad, a recipe from Aunt Arlene (my husband's aunt), salsa, corn and cheese dip with chips, fruit (cantaloupe, melon and blueberries), bread from Boudin's, chicken appetisers and dessert.  This dessert was so good..  Imelda's daughter, Shastine, made Tiramirsu.  It had Kahlua in it!  Yummmm.  We had good conversation and lots of laughter.

When everyone had gone, I went over to Joann's Fabrics to take advantage of the 20% discount for teacher appreciation.  I had already gone to Staples in the morning for their Teacher Appreciation event.  One of my friends came with me.  When we were done shopping (I had a list so was very efficient), my friend went home and I went to Carmichael Park for a concert in the park with my daughter.  We met up with two of my friends who were over earlier and we listened to the Q-Balls, a bunch of lawyers who have a band.  They play music from the 60's, 70's and 8's.  I confess that Build Me Up Buttercup is my favorite, but I also love the song, Brown-eyed Girl.  Ted, who a lawyer at the firm where my friend works, is the singer.  You can see the Q-Balls on you-tube.  The concert began at 6:30 and the band played until a little after 9pm.  One of the things I like to do at these concerts in the park is people watch.  There was a guy who was handcuffed and searched by the police standing by.  The policeman put the guy in the police car and then was talking to some woman.  After a bit I looked back and the guy was gone--not as in to jail, but released by the policeman.  Got to wonder.  Lots of people there had wine and beer.  I guess we can drink in the park, but other things might be no-no's. 

Today I went to the Dancing Fox in Lodi for brunch with Tricia and Chuck.  It was fabulous.  They had Eggs Benedict and a perfect bread pudding with apples.  The Dancing Fox is in an old building on South School Street.  It has pots of flowers all over and there was a slight breeze making it so comfortable to eat outside.  While we were there Chuck fell as his chair collapsed.  Tricia asked him why he broke the chair.  Poor Chuck.  He didn't break the chair, the weld was rusted and broke loose.  But he was fine and crisis averted.

It has been a full weekend and tomorrow is my last day of vacation for I go back to work on Tuesday!

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