Thursday, August 4, 2011

Calls, Calls and More Calls

It is Thursday morning and I turned on my computer for What??? I can't remember!

So, I have finished my embroidery for my "Sweet Days" quilt. I love that quilt so much and I am excited that I can now put the quilt together. My husband is leaving me for a few days and I am celebrating the quiet by having friends over. I will be concentrating on my scrapbooking for a day and then I will get back to my quilting. Tonight I am going to work on my "Glory Days" pillow. If you live in the Sacramento area, go to Fabric Garden at Town and Country Village. Find the embroidery corner and look for the cutest pillow anywhere. It was made by my friend, Imelda. I have a similar fabric and my pillow will be just as cute!!!

As I was writing the above words of wisdom, I answered a call from some company who wanted to speak to my daughter. It was all about finding a school and getting into college. Since when did it become a necessity to have a private company get you into college??? Normally I wound just hang up and not bring this up here, but it was the sixth call in less than an hour. I was a bit cheeky to the first caller and I wondered if she was just tying to pay me back for my sarcastic attitude, but I actually talked to caller number six. I told him she was already in school and it was a waste of his time--I was saving him--and he promised to put her on a do not call list for his company. As for the daughter, she only admits to buying a textbook online at Barnes and Noble.
Could they have given her information away???

Have a great day.

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