Monday, August 8, 2011

Sweet Days Quilt continued.....

I just couldn't get this picture to move where I wanted it to go. I ended up deleting it (not on purpose) at least twice before I just gave up on it.

The blocks are a snowman (January), heart (February), kite (March), umbrella (April), flower (May), watermelon (June), star (July), beehive (August), leaf (September), pumpkin (October), acorn (November) and a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree (December).

It is amazing how the red really stands out, but can you even see the pink squares?

I started the quilt on Friday evening. I had to run to the fabric store to get a red fabric. My original intention was to use only my stash, but that flew out the window as I realized I needed a yard of red fabric and I had just little pieces. I could have gone with scrappy reds, but that wasn't in my head. I worked on it on Saturday and most of Sunday. I had an idea that it would make itself, but that didn't happen..... Now I have the green border on and am taking a break.

Have a lovely day.....


  1. Julie that is really pretty, I love your colour combination (can just see the pink). How big is the quilt?? Can't believe you only started this on Friday!!!! Linda

  2. That is gorgeous -- and perfect fabric for it. Love, love, love it!!