Monday, August 22, 2011

What we cannot change.....

For some reason this got caught up in my drafts file (that I had no idea I had). This was written a year ago.

There is the cutest commercial for Target using the Free to be You and Me music. Three little girls go from wearing exactly the same outfit (a school uniform) to wearing 3 completely different outfits. Over time the girls go from drab to individuals--one in red, one in blue and one in yellow. I imagine you can buy each piece at the local Target store. The message being we need to be ourselves, while shopping and spending all our money at Target, of course. Today the kiddies in our school began their first day. We have a uniform policy that was very strict allowing only white and black with a bit of khaki. This year the kiddies are wearing a t-shirt in 6 different colors. It is so beautiful and colorful, allowing a bit of individuality and still keeping the uniformity of the school.

Today I came across two ideas that caught my attention.

1. What we cannot change, we must endure without bitterness.

2. Sometimes we cannot raise our chins and see eye to eye,

so we must bow our heads and have faith in one another.

Okay, it is Monday, August 22, 2011.  We are back to the present.  Funny thing is that I was thinking about changes and Target commercials today.  I love the one where the Asian teacher talks about what "your" kids will be learning and ends with a list of school supplies with glitter "so much glitter" at the last.  It did get me over to Target to see their school supplies....

We have so many changes at work this year.  On Wednesday of last week, my friend Jane was crying because there were so many changes.  On Friday, I cried.  It was just such a stark comparison to what had occurred--all the transfers.  This new group is really outdoorsy and likes sports.  I like quilting.  Lord, how I felt really old saying I liked quilting and embroidery when all around me people were going on and on about camping, river rafting, snow, hiking, etc.  Somehow they entire staff seems to bike--except the "new guy" who likes taking chances and rides a Harley.  Today I asked him what to call him and got 5 different choices.  I am choosing his first name.  I am not comfortable calling someone by their last name.  It seems not right.

Change has come to roost here at school.  Wish us luck!

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