Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am becoming just a little frustrated with Blogger.  I can't seem to get off the centering option.
But, my story will be the same regardless of the alignment.

Saturday was my Block-of-the-Month with Quilter's Corner.  I left here at 6:40am, met Sandy at 7:10am and got to Quilter's Corner by 7:20am.   We had our class, made a few purchases and were back at Sandy's by 9:30am.  We quilted the entire day stopping only briefly for lunch.  Sandy had a dinner that night with friends and I had instructions to be home by 4:00pm.  See, my birthday is on Tuesday and my sweet girl had planned a dinner for the family at the Spaghetti Factory, I thought at 5pm.  I was so careful to be in the car and home on time.  I pulled up to the curb in front of the house at 4:03pm.  My sweet girl ran out of the house and shouted, "you have a surprise inside the house."  I just knew at that moment, that my sister had to be here somewhere.  Then I saw the tops of my niece's heads running back into the house.  I ran in saying, "I smell two little girls in my house," and found my darling Juliana and adorable Olivia.  After hugs and kisses (and presents because Aunt Julie ALWAYS has presents) we relaxed as one by one we took our showers and got dressed for dinner.  Mary gave me Super Cinnamon Bears from Cost Plus.  I have this cinnamon addiction.  I love cinnamon candy.  Got to admit they were really good and had great cinnamon flavor, but still no match for Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Bears from the Jelly Belly Factory.  I pretty much thought that was my entire surprise until Olivia let it slip that Aunt Pat was joining us for dinner.  We drove over to the restaurant with me suspecting nothing.

Imagine my surprise when there are people waiting for us.  My in-laws were there as was my friend, Leah,
Our dinner was being held upstairs and there was a special menu just for us.  I had a luscious margarita and the yummy spaghetti pictured below.

Garlic Mizithra
Spaghetti with brown butter and Mizithra cheese
tossed with garlic, bacon and mushrooms.

We had the best time.  Appetisers--creamy artichoke dip with toasts.  Olive Tapenade with  toasts.  Garlic bread... Yummm! 

We were home by 9:00pm.  The girls, Mary, my sweet girl and I made a stop at Macy's so Olivia could spend her gift card.  Her mother, ever the bargain hunter, had coupons that expired this day so off we went.
Dinner was scrumptious.  We were exhausted and fell into bed. 

This morning the girls had to go home--school tomorrow.  I got doughnuts and sent them off with a sugar high.  What a great and wonderful aunt I am!!!


  1. That dinner looks so good!! And Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Happy belated Birthday Julia, sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  3. sorry don't know how to get it call me just Jacques.