Sunday, August 21, 2011

Was it me or was it the guy???

Today I went to Walmart.  The idea was to pick up some lemon pepper panko bread crumbs, which I realize now, I forgot.  While I was making me way casually through the store, I happened upon the beer aisle.  Now, I am not a beer drinker, but my darling husband is and I like to pay as little as possible for it.  We drink Budweiser here.  Definitely not me!  But there I was in the beer aisle staring at the end cap with a mountain of 36 packs of Budweiser beer with a coupon giving you $3.00 off with a purchase.  The coupon I saw mentioned buying meat (such a broad category) which is a bit of a stretch for me.  I just can't bring myself to buy meat from Walmart.  I don't know why--(see me shaking my head here).  It occurred to me that pork was meat and I will buy Johnsonville sausages.  So I put a big box of beer in my cart and off I go--with the wrong coupon.
A bit later I am in the check out line.  As usual, I pick the wrong line and spend 30 seconds wondering why the people in front of me are so slow and then help myself to a trashy magazine--usually People.  I figure that if I am not in the 20 items or less line, then I am going to be waiting somewhere. ( I actually waited in line for some issue from the people in front of me.)  So, when it was discovered that my coupon gave you that precious $3.00 for a purchase of water not meat, I called my daughter on her cell phone as she was close to the beer end cap to tell her to stop and get a coupon.  She didn't answer and popped up just then.  The clerk, Nadyia, knew full well that I was sending  to get that coupon.  She never once suggested that I step aside and suspend my purchase and let the guy behind me go or even that I should just pay for my groceries and then get the beer in the self checkout line later.  In fact, the clerk was going to get me a package of water.  That would have taken time too.  As soon as the daughter leaves to get a coupon, this guy who was two people in line behind me starts ranting on and on in a very loud voice about people who hold up the line.  HE called me rude and annoying.  He NEVER shut his mouth.  I did ask him to stop being rude, but otherwise did my best to ignore him.  He did say that everyone around me was thinking what he had the courage to actually say.  No one seemed that bothered.  I did start praying that the daughter was CRAWLING to the register.  At one point he decided to move to the next line and said to whoever was listening that "the fat lady got her way".  Okay, to be fair, I am fat, but it is not okay to resort to name calling.  I could have made comments about his stupid tattoos, but did I???  Of course not. Right as my daughter came back without a coupon, I decided to not buy the beer after all--at which the guy says, "Good, you didn't need that."  He wasn't being supportive.

I am not a person who likes to hold people up.  I was letting the clerk direct me.  The whole time passed was really only five minutes.  We can't wait five minutes?  In the future I would handle the transaction differently, but that guy will be a jerk for the rest of his life.

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  1. I do like your attitude, he will be a jerk forever. I've been the one to hold up a line before - sometimes I've turned to the group behind me and said - "I'm sorry! I didn't know this one wasn't priced out. Sorry you have to wait." But that guy was a real jerk.