Saturday, July 30, 2011

traffic and quilting

I was driving home today from spending the day with my friend Sandy. As I got on the freeway, staying at Sandy's until 6pm just to avoid the traffic on the Capital City Freeway, there was a backup. What would cause cars to almost come to a complete stop? A flat tire. Really. There were two people hanging onto each other on one side of the car as it was sitting to the side of the freeway. I thought they were kissing and I cheered them on until I passed by and saw that they were just watching a guy fix their tire. So boring! After we passed the flat tire, the excitement of the day, we were all going 65mph without any problem. So much for traffic updates.............

Sandy and I went to Quilter's Corner for the Saturday Square. At one time there were so many people at the 8am group that even the fire department couldn't be happy. So, Elaine turned her two sessions into three sessions. Now I get up really early to be at Sandy's house by 7am so she can drive me to Quilter's Corner to be there at 7:30am. It is important to be at the first grouping. Any time there is to be anything offered for a deal, the first group gets it first. Today was no exception. Elaine offered the kits from last year for sale. Kits not picked up and complete were offered as a kit and there was a 25% discount offered. There was a shabby chic kit offered (the one I did for $5.00) for $97.00! Amazing. I feel so good that I showed up every month and spent only the original money and got a $97.00 quilt out of it. I did pick up a few packages of the blue and white fabrics to go toward my idea of a blue and white quilt.

Have a great Sunday. It is my father-in-law's 74th birthday! Happy Birthday, Gary......

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