Sunday, September 30, 2012

Catching Up

I have totally neglected this.  I haven't read my email either and had 285 emails.  SO to catch up:

1.  I sent thank you cards to my circle of friends for my birthday gifts.  We don't really send mail any more the way it used to be, but it is still wonderful to get mail--real mail in an envelope and with something fun inside.  Bills don't count.  I sent a card with sincere thanks and a skein of embroidery thread.  That was the something fun part.  I went to the post office at 3pm and most were delivered the very next day.  I don't know where we get the idea that the post office isn't really efficient.  That was excellent!!!

2.  I read the blogs and am so happy now that I don't spend all my time doing that.  I have 10 pages of blogs--are they vintage, modern, traditional, recipes, freebies, tutorials, etc.  If anyone wants it, just email your email address and I will send it to you via electronic mail.

3.  Irene asked me if I sew everyday.  The answer is yes.  If I am not sewing, I thinking about sewing, contemplating what I will do next, figuring out how I can be more organized with my sewing and I count doing embroidery as sewing.  If I am not sewing, I am reading and trying to avoid the laundry.

4.  I spent Saturday helping a friend finish up a quilt.  She is injured and mostly I was fetching her water, coffee, and stuff.  She will be so happy when her ankle heals.

5.  My sister-in-law in Iowa is getting interested in quilting.  I sent her the Miss Rosie quilt book--the one with the Tag Sale quilt--my favorite quilt.  She wrote back and said how happy she was to get it and did she have to send it back.  That answer is no.

My most recent purchase was a pattern for a wallet.  Very sweet and how easy to make.

Have a great Monday......

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  1. Hi Julie! I'd like to see the list of blogs you've accumulated. Shoot me a list when you have a minute. Thanks! Mona @