Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Luncheon

One more try and I found the pictures!  So.....looking above is a photo of some of the door prizes.  I didn't get the Ott light, but it was a free standing full size light.  I have no idea who won that because I was so enchanted with what I won!

 There were 29 raffle baskets.  I donated to one called the travel basket.  In the picture, Clare is looking at the baskets which we hope will make us lots of $$$.  There was a Bee basket that had a bee cookie jar.  I wanted that so much until I learned that my friend Jayma had put all her tickets (in to one basket) and that was the one.  So, I hoped she would win.  The basket went to Maggie, who seemed really happy.  Darn, that cookie jar would have looked really great in Jayma's kitchen.
 We had a lunch of three different salads--a chicken salad, a green salad with a vinaigrette dressing and Mediterranean salad with tomato, cucumber and feta cheese.  There were rolls and butter as well as a raspberry mousse with real whipped cream.  The dessert was prepared in advance and was set out first to continue to thaw.  There were eight women at our table.  Some couldn't resist and ate their dessert right away.  some ate the whipped cream and raspberry that was on top.  Some ate the whipped cream and into the mousse.  One (that wold be me) took very tiny bites to get a taste and still leave the illusion that I hadn't eaten any at all.

Our speaker was Jan Krentz.  She does these faboulous quilts using a diamond ruler.  That is her above and one of her quilts behind her. 

Below is the picture of my door prize.  I don't know how it got turned around, or how to fix it so there we are!  Beside the door prizes, every person attending received a fat quarter of fabric (I gave mine to Valerie), a Red Rooster pattern, assorted goodies and a quilting book.  My book was a hand quilting book that will most likely be donated to some happy person who lkes hand quilting.  That would not be me!  I could see what book my mother-in-law received.......A visit to the in-laws should be soon........
I know I should be darn happy I won that wonderful door prize, but there was a quilt donated by Dawn Licker of Quilter's Corner that I really wanted to win.  I know some people who would have been very jealous of me had I won it.  But it was not to be.

Have a great Monday.  I will be back with my little darlings in middle school......7:30am.......good night!

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