Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good deed for the week

My husband did his good deed for the week.  Good thing too, because he was beginning to whine a lot.  When you aren't happy with what you have, you should help someone with less and you might just begin to appreciate what you still have.  Last night we went to my friend Sandy's house to put in those bars in the bathtub/shower.  Last week she fell and fractured her ankle.  She has a lovely black boot on and is living in her pajamas.  Also last night, Sandy's sister, Marilyn, came over and brought dinner.  Some chicken and broccoli thing called Chicken Devine.  Sandy was worried that the bars would wreck the tile, but it all worked well.

Off to Thimbleberries tonight.  Ought to be different.  Pam and Nicole who are our fearless leaders, are at some quilt camp thing and Elaine will be our guiding force tonight.  Ciao.

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