Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Memory Returns

As some are aware, I was supposed to go to Pismo Beach with five other quilting buddies, but due to finances, I wasn't able to be there with them.  The only consolation is that one other of the group had issues also, and we got to spend a day together.  One of the rules about the trip (and I use that word rules loosely) was that we each had to make a kit for the others.  There was a pillow of wool that featured a sheep, a lunch tote with wool ornaments, you get the idea.  Mine was an embroidery project--a bucket with flowers, six flowers--one for each of us.  There were actually seven flowers, but the idea was there.  I did the kit project along with the others because I had thought there might be a way to go and I didn't want to get caught short.  One of my friends was going to bring a few skeins of embroidery thread and let all of us use it.  Seemed wasteful to give an entire skein for just a few stitches.  So I did something similar.  I figured out what they would need and put a bit more on so there would be a little extra.  I wound it on the empty spools from my sewing machine thread (I never throw anything away!).  My other concern was that the talk about thread always seemed to have them using Cosmo thread.  I use DMC.  I have a lot of it and it is readily available.  I thought it might be a waste to give out the DMC thread if in the end it would judt be tossed, or given back to me.  That sort of thing.  Turns out they all used the DMC thread.  I could have given out skeins of it and it would have been fine.  I worried over something that was not even a concern and then I felt it looked chintzy.  One of the group gave us just a bit of thread and hers wasn't wound on anything and it looked fine.  I was so darn happy about using the spools and then found myself disappointed.  I will remember this and take it into consideration the next time!

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