Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Finished It!

Alleluia, I finished the Joy Quilt.  I will probably quilt it over the Thanksgiving holiday in time for Christmas.  I actaully made two quilts.  One is in blues and will go to someone I love dearly.  That ought to cause some people to think.  Speaking of giving away quilts, I am seriosly considering giving my provance quilt (so named after the fabric line) to one of the workers at Joann's.  Xia is just so sweet and she does anything I ask--so far....  Xia is like most of the Hmong people I have met--cheerful, smart, hardworking.  So I will go home and take a picture of each to post so if they disappear into someone elses home, I can remember them.

Currently reading Home Before Dark by Susan Wigg.  Not anything to write home about, but I am only on page 32.  We shall see...

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  1. You should join Goodreads dot com so I can keep track of all the books you read (and vice versa)!