Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My lunch tote

I was having a difficult afternoon.  There was a screw up at the library that was making me a bit irritated and stopping in there today was the last thing I had in mind.  It was 100 degrees today and I hate driving in the heat.  I had groceries (hamburger and cheese) in the car.  Very annoying all of it.

Just so you can appreciate my irritation, our library system has been taken over by a bunch of Nazi's.  Rules change all the time and no one tells you about the change until it really affects you.  Posting a sheet of paper that I never saw is not reasonable.  You can definitely see that the library is closed on October 11th for some training (How to Screw Over the Taxpayers most likely), but why tell us that you will be charged $1.00 for "reshelving" a book you came to pick up, but was gone because you have to pick your books up in 7 days now, not 14.  I totally take issue with this reshelving fee because I feel like I have paid my taxes and that pays for the library services that have gone down hill anyway.  To now pay them again to shelve the book seems really unreasonable to me.   I have to admit that I have been carrying a grudge about the library.  Totally not like me.  A couple of years ago, I noticed that the books were sitting on carts waiting to be shelved and no one was doing it.  It is busy work, but I thought they were over whelmed with other library tasks and I asked to come in and volunteer one day a week to just shelve books.  They turned me down.  I had a library minor in college.  I know the Dewey Decimal System.  I was going to do it for free!  On no.  They had students who would do that.  No thank you I was told.  Okay, my feelings were hurt.  I have not been happy with them ever since, but I really like to read.  So, I tolerate them.

While I was waiting in line (behind someone who ironically was volunteering to work there and was told no), Frances, one of the real librarians, noticed my lunch tote.  It is a yellow lemon pattern with black and white trim.  The inside is red with white dots.  We had a lovely conversation about how it looked so Mary Englebreit.  No lecture about how I could use the self-check out (hate it--tried it several times but it won't accept my card), no lecture about returning books in the book return (I had one to return inside and they hate that), just a lovely conversation.  It was only marred by the woman who wanted me to give up my card for a new card with a key chain thing (I don't put them on my keys).  I have a special card that signifies my place with Friends of the Library.  I would have to change numbers (I have mine memorized).   Wait--I am going back to my lovely conversation with Frances.  She is always pleasant......

Reading:  A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay.  Also wrote Sarah's Key (was a movie last summer).  Not as disturbing as Sarah's Key, but surprising.

Next project to work on is Mindy's quilt.  Not sure where it is at the moment, but it's crept into my head so I will go looking for it tomorrow......

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  1. I have to say that I find it very frustrating when organizations do not take advantage of volunteers.