Monday, February 27, 2012

This Cat Will Be The Death of Me!

New scare with the cat.  We managed to live through whatever and then the cat disappeared.  He was gone all day.  Very unusual for him.  He likes to eat--a lot!  So at 9pm, when it became apparent that no one had seen the cat at all, I went out to the backyard and looked in the dark.  I called and called and no cat!  I went out to the front yard and called.  I thought I heard a noise--a very small noise.  I called again and the noise was definitely there.  A very small meow.  I walked over to the driveway and sure enough, the cat got locked in the cab of the big green 1972 Chevy Truck in our driveway.  He could have been there for ever.  The truck does not run and we never would have looked in there.  Some guy on Friday came by and asked my husband about selling the truck, but he wanted it to be running.  So, Saturday and a little bit of Sunday, my husband tried to get it to run and while he had the truck door open, the cat must have jumped in.  Dingaling cat!

I spent the day working on a block-of-the-month quilt from my guild.  It has a medallion of 9 12-inch blocks with dark sashing.  Then there is a border of the background fabric.  The next border is a background fabric and blue checkerboard.  I added another background border of three inches.  Now I have to think about my next move.

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