Friday, March 2, 2012

The Farmer's Market

I went over to see my friends Jayma, Valerie, Jill and Gina.  I needed to trace two more patterns for the quilt I am doing--The Farmer's Market.  It is 14 embroidered pieces and the surrounding fabrics are going to be similar in color to the Kansas Trouble line.  Jayma has the spot she uses as a light box and it is big enough for larger pieces to be traced.  I didn't give any thought to these last two pieces because I had so many to do.  Last week I pulled them out and started counting which were done and found that I am so close to actually sewing!  Hurrah.

Tomorrow I am going to miss an adventure with my circle of friends as they go to the Manteca Quilt show.  I have previous plans to have lunch with another group of friends.  My husband and I are friends with Paul and we are friends with Noel and Lisa.  Lisa wants to introduce Paul to her step-father's some kind of relative, Paulette.  Isn't that cute?  Paul and Paulette.  Anyway, we are not sharing this with all of the lunch invitees.  We are just going to lunch and if something works, then great.  But I have to be there.  So no quilt show for me this weekend.

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