Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taking Credit

Today in history class (7th graders) we were talking about taking credit for others accomplishments.  Really it was all about the many contributions by Muslims that we take for granted (like hospitals, algebra...).  I was reminded of something that  happened to me.

Someone I know (we shall call her Sue) was making a quilt using a Jenny Beyer idea on how to construct your own quilt--without using another's pattern or more traditional pattern.  After quite a bit of time, Sue brought in a shoebox with some pieces sewn, some cut and just some fabric telling me she could no longer stand "the quilt from hell" and would I take it off her hands.  I took the box, sorted it, drew up a plan and sewed the quilt.  I gave the completed quilt top to Sue and promptly forgot about it.  Sue had the quilt top quilted and then tried to sell it.  Little did I know she was passing it off as her work.  After she failed to find a buyer (too dark in my estimation), she decided to give the quilt to a mutual friend who was suffering with a brain tumor.  That is when I found out she was taking total credit for my work when all she did was buy a book and sew some squares together.  I even added some of my own fabrics (trying to lighten it up).

I admit it.  I was angry, but more hurt that Sue would not have said I worked on it too.  I would not have been upset if she had said we worked on it together--even if I did all the work.  I have not done anything like that for her since.  Forgiven (because I can't keep a grudge going that long) but not forgotten!!!

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