Monday, February 6, 2012

What will I start next????

This is Max!  He was a rescue cat--twice!  He was rescued by our cousins.  They couldn't stand how he clawed their furniture and sent him out the door, even though you are not supposed to make rescue cats outdoor cats.  I actually received a 3 page email saying why I couldn't have a rescue cat because I had an out door cat and did I realize how dangerous that was????  Billy and Mollie have this cat for while and then he starts annoying their neighbor.  It got ugly and they agreed to get rid of the cat.  Billy joked about how he knew one day these neighbors might get annoyed living next door to a teenager and he drew the line at getting rid of his daughter!  Ha,ha,ha!  Max joined us at Thanksgiving a few years back.  We had no problem letting him outside since that door was already opened.  We have had none of the problems we heard Max had.  No scratching the furniture--the only time it happened we said no and that was that.  Max is the best cat.  He is sweet and lovable.  I admit it was a full year before he really trusted us.  I think the first year he only stayed around because we put food out for him.  He refuses to eat inside--even if it is raining.

 Isn't he just he sweetest kitty???  Lately he had taken to sleeping in a box that sitting on the kitchen floor.  I wish I had thought to take a picture.  My mother-in-law gave me a box of books and they were living in the box until I cleaned the bookcases in the hallway out enough to put them up there.  Someone threw an 13x11" manila envelope on top of the books and Max began sleeping there.  It just couldn't have been that comfortable.  Since I cleaned out the box on Saturday, Max is back on my ironing board.  He likes to be where we are.

I received both of these patterns from a raffle and as a gift.  The book is embroidery patterns called Folk Art in the Garden--designer is Diane Arthurs from the Powder Mill by Imaginating, Inc.  The other pattern is called Be Mine Twice--as in two table toppers.  It is from the Main Street Cotton Shop--the Thimbleberries shop (  Possibly my next projects.  I say that as I realize that I haven't begun my teapot quilt.  I am supposed to be making this with my friend, Valerie, but I haven't even started.
I am thinking of picking the fabric tomorrow and doing some of the embroidery on Saturday when I meet with my friends.  Such decisions to make. 

I leave you with this little bit about Starbucks.  I went one day and got a coffee at the Starbucks inside Safeway.  My receipt invited me to take a survey and getting a free tall coffee in return.  I went home and took the online survey and then lost the receipt.  It surfaced yesterday.  I still had  few more days to use it.
This morning I thought that I would stop on my way home from work and get my free coffee.  I put the receipt in the car.  Then, I split coffee in it.  Then I realized my cup was on top of the receipt.  Forgetting that it was probably still damp from having coffee spilled on it, I pulled it and tore it into three pieces.  Now I have three pieces of dripping paper.  I took it in today and asked if it was still good.  Hurrah! It was because the most important info was still readable.  Life is good.  As the very nice girl is making my mocha frappacchino, we are talking.  The next thing I know she has put caramel on my drink accidentally and is offering to remake my drink.  I choose to not care about the caramel and it was delicious.  I have avoided the caramel because I don't usually like it.  This was so darn good! 

Have a lovely evening.......

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