Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I was thinking today about my children who aren't children anymore.  On days like today, I am nostalgic about the days when they were small and the fun we had trick or treating. 

Every year I refused to make elaborate costumes and spend money on cheap costumes.  I took my children to the thrift stores and let them buy things to make a costume.  Sometimes we just used stuff we found at home.  The wedding dress the year my daughter was a princess lasted us into many years and was loaned a time or two to friends.  At 5pm on Halloween, we drove over to my in-laws neighborhood and went trick or treating there with the cousins.  After making the full circle, we drove back home, went to a few houses on our block and then called it a night.

I miss that excitement and energy.  In the later years when they were definitely too old, they would hand out candy for my in-laws.  One year--the son's 13 year, we had a Japanese exchange student. Both kids went out that year.  The Japanese boy had a great time and left all his candy when he left our home for his next stop.

I miss all that.

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