Monday, October 10, 2011


I am catching up on things.

1.  I finished the homework for the embroidery class.  I think I am only supposed to have it drawn out, but I am a guest at the class.  The teacher is using me to get three of her students there on the right day!!!  ha,ha,ha.

2.  A while back I said you had to read this book, Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I did read all three books.  Enjoyed the first two the best, but number three was still attention getting.

3.  Men.  That is really all I need say, I am sure.  Here is the reason why....
    We are taking the plunge from satellite television to cable.  Our local phone company FINALLY put in the lines to bring us cable television.  For the area, we live out in the wilderness, although we are a relatively good sized city.  We have a mall for heaven's sake. 
    The guy comes out and sells us a deal.  We will get cable, dvr and 4 boxes for a lot less than Direct TV.
When I made the appointment (Tuesday 8am-12pm) I forgot that my son (who is an adult) wouldn't be home.  Both kiddies have tests and can't skip school.  So I make sure my husband can be here.  An adult must be here to supervise, put the dog in the garage so the guys won't be licked to death and worry about the inside cat.  My husband agrees to be here.  NO PROBLEM, he assures me. 
    Today these guys from Surewest come out and do some preliminary work.  My husband decides that he is no longer needed.  After all, the son is here, the dog is in the house and all is well.  So he makes an appointment for a possible job.  Since we are sure to run out of unemployment sometime, finding a job is important and I do have vacation, but really.  I had to call work to tell them at the last minute.  I didn't want to do this as I need to take vacation in November for the wedding in Southern California.
    Now, while I am happy to be home tomorrow, I wish for once, he would consult me before he assumes.  You would think that after 26 years with me, he would know to CALL ME!!!  Not so.  I can only shake my head and pray that he goes before me because he would be in real trouble.

4.  If you are my brother Jim (or enjoy a good story about the daughter....)
    On October 8th, my sweet girl comes out of her room and tells me that it is Uncle Jim's anniversary.  I think for a moment and say, "It might be the 10th.  Someone is on the 10th of October."  Does my sweet girl tell me I am wrong?  No, she says maybe I am right.  Later she tells me that Uncle Jim posted on facebook that it was his anniversary.  When I ask her why she let me go on wondering if it was the 10th when it was posted on facebook, she says that men get these things wrong.  

Happy Anniversary to Uncle Jim and Aunt Barbara --October 8th
Happy Anniversary to Uncle Richard and Aunt Laura --October 10th. (I think...)


  1. I suspect there's a very good chance your husband WILL indeed "go" before you. After all, didn't we make some kind of reciprocal deal?

  2. ...and Jim and Barbara was married on the 10th of October. Saturday (the 8th for those keeping score) was just a nice day for one last grilled pepper steak and a very nice 2003 Silver Oak Cab.