Saturday, October 22, 2011


I got a card in the mail from Safeway.  It showed chicken tacos, a chicken and rice dish and a chicken salad.
There were coupons for almost everything you would need to make the chicken dishes.  So, I decided to see how much I would save.  Probably didn't save as much as I could have if I had really kept myself in check.  We all know I didn't do that.  I saw an extra deal or two, but over all.....

I bought everything on the card except the baguette.  That was $0.50 off one and would have cost me an extra $1.50.  I spent $90.00 on all my purchases.  After the coupons, I really spent $56.00.  That is a savings of $34.00.  The guy behind me was REALLY impressed! 

On the home front, my sister just called and told me she was at an underwater pumpkin carving contest.  Divers go down to the bottom of the pool and place pumpkins there.  Then divers go down and spend the next 30 minutes carving their pumpkins.  The best pumpkin wins.  Our biggest question is how much of a mess do they make and how do you get it out of the pool?

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