Tuesday, November 8, 2011

thinking of gifts.....

I spend time with a group of friends.  It is a great group of women.  There are several things that I can attribute to knowing these women, butthe funniest is that I think in terms of six.  There are always gifts.
It is such a fun part--not just gettting gifts, but thinking of really great ideas to give to them. 

On Saturday we have a trip planned to Apple Hill.  Apples--yummm.  I had a brilliant idea that I can share on Saturday, but not before.  I have planned this since August.  I drove to Modesto to get part of it.  I helped myself to six of everything offered at a Kaiser table in SOuthern California.  I have been brasen in my quest to get six of every thing.  We shall see if I am as clever as I think......

I can't wait until Saturday!

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