Monday, August 9, 2010

Working on my Saturday Square Quilt

I have a friend who will be really jealous when she finds out what I spent my weekend doing. I finished the medallion part of last year's Saturday Square--Aspen from Quilter's Corner ( I am not using the Aspen line, but I am using the Aspen pattern. My fabric line is Provence. So very French! It is blues, yellow-creams, red, green and lots of flowers. I added about 7 inches of border to the top and bottom so it won't be square. I like my quilts to be rectangular. I only need 5 filler blocks to finish and then my friend (S---) will die of envy!!!

The Saturday Square was called, "You get what you get". In the beginning we picked plain paper bags that had a fabric line named inside. The idea was that each of us would have to use what we picked and there would be no whining. You get what you get. My friend (S---) was out of town and I picked for her. When I first looked in my bag, I was happy to see green because I don't usually use green. We were supposed to stretch. As time went on, it became clear that the Provence line wasn't going to make me stretch. It practically screamed my name. I love the fabric and was so happy when I found it sold in another quilt shop. Every month, during the first week of the month when the end of the bolt fabric is 25% off, I would buy a piece. I have enough fabric to make another quilt. I already have plans on using some of the fabric in another quilt I am planning on doing--Crimson Roses ( If you aren't familiar with Gerri Robinson's quilt patterns, you should check her web site out. Her patterns appear in McCalls Quilting and Gerri sells kits. I have purchased one kit from her and she was just the nicest person. When I had a question regarding the pattern, she remembered speaking to me. Her patterns are adorable and her customer service was first rate.

Back to the Saturday Square....if you remember, finishing ONE Saturday Square quilt (I have 5 of them I think) was one of my goals for the Charming Quilt Girls. I really thought I would complete the called "24" (there are 24 squares--we made two each month) since it is the closest to being done--or rather was the closest. Now it is the Provence Quilt. My darling daughter has promised to show her mother how to import pictures on Saturday. I hope to post a picture. Wish me luck!

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