Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Day Before

Today is the day before my birthday. In honor of that, I cleaned, organized and changed my sheets. It felt so good lying on my bed that I would have gone to bed then--except that I started my bread late and it won't be done until 10:30pm. I guess I will just have to have a drink and read until 10:30pm. Poor little ol' me!!! Tomorrow I will be (how can I ever get used to this??) close to 50. Yesterday I realized I was truly old enough to have grandchildren. I thank God that my children are smart and are waiting to make me a grandmother. Love those kids of mine. I am older than my mother was when I married. Older than my mother was when I had my first child.

Tomorrow my daughter is dying to go out to dinner at the Olive Garden so we can have lemonade lemoncello's--really really good drinks. Loved it so much that I went out and bought lemoncello to put in my personal recipe for vodka margaritas:

1 can Minute Maid limeade (has to be this brand)
1/2 can vodka
1/2 can water

Put in blender and blend. Good then or after freezing a bit in the freezer. Great on a hot evening.

The other choice is Felipe's on Auburn Blvd in Citrus Heights. If you live here, this is the most authentic and utterly delicious Mexican food anywhere. We love to eat there.

On a quilting note: I am currently part of round robin for an embroidery group I participate in. We get an embroidered piece and then must do some sort of border. I had a Santa last month and wanted to do angels. I embroidered (almost done) 4 angels and was going to put them in the four corners. In the end, the piece was too small for my 6.5" angels. So, I did a checkerboard border and then put a flower pattern around that. I felt bad about not doing an embroidered border and I did do the angels for it, so I have decided to finish them and will give them to Barbara to use or not use as she sees fit. I am almost done! I confess, I stopped working on them when I discovered how big they were in comparison to the Santa. It is a Christmas theme.
I will take a picture of the next one I do. None of these women even know I have a blog, so they won't see their borders. I also reviewed my Saturday Square quilts in their various stages of undoneness (is that even a word??). If I finish one, it will be hung at Quilter's Corner and people can pick their favorite. Seems like an easy way to see how much people love (or don't love) my work. I also think there is a prize. I love prizes!!!

Have a lovely Monday!

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  1. happy birthday.... yum, mexican sounds good! i think i might change our dinners plans...