Saturday, August 28, 2010

A few things I forgot

There was something else I was thinking of and so there are two posts for today. Check out the post labeled "The Pillowcase Police".

Today was my Saturday Square. I love going to this. It is very little pressure (except making the block to avoid paying more than the first $5.00) and there are people there I only see at this event. The leader of the group is Elaine. Today she shared something I just loved. Her husband decided he doesn't like California, so he moved to a little town in Idaho. He lives there for a portion of the year with Elaine going to visit him and then he moves back for a bit (the winter) until he moves back to Idaho (when the snow melts??). That is a great compromise. Elaine doesn't want to live in a tiny town in Idaho where there is an itty bitty quilt shop and the next nearest quilt shop is 3 hours away! Right now, my husband is in Montana, where he would live if I just gave in and agreed to move there. I am thinking that one day we will be retired and he will really want to go. The one thing that holds him here, besides me, is that his parents are still alive (may they live a great many more years) and live close to us. When those ties are gone, he might start lobbying much harder for a move there. I love the place in Montana. It is gorgeous and the Yellowstone river is right there. Yellowstone Park in only 50 miles away and there is a cute little town, Livingstone, just down the road. Most important, there is a post office, a bar and a quilt shop not too far away. I am such a city girl and not such a snow girl. There is a lot of snow in the winter. I just can't look forward to that. Here is the perfect solution. My husband could move to Montana for 6 months and then come back for 6 months. What a deal. I will save my perfect solution until the moment comes, but I must thank Elaine some time.........

Another thing......I was at the DMV renewing my driver's licence on Thursday. I made a big deal out of the eye test, but all is fine and I will live to drive again. My paper license is good until October 24, 2010 by which I should have the new license with a beautiful picture.....ha,ha,ha.

I have been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to remember what was so interesting that I wanted to include a posting and it has left my brain. Early dementia. I lose things in my mind all the time. Senior moments and I am not even yet a senior. I am only getting close.......but not too close. I hear that AARP thinks you are a senior at 55years old. I have TONS of time! Things are looking up, if only I could remember........
Julie :)

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