Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mother-daughter time

Today I went out and got my hair cut. I went with the daughter and now she has 5 stamps on her card toward a free haircut. She is so excited!!! After we took the haircut plunge, we stopped at the post office to mail a package for our cousin Debbie. Now, I know the package contains 20 pillowcases for a charity, some shoes and a few clothes she didn't want to take with her "take-on" luggage--just a bunch of stuff she will need when she is back in Billings, Montana. I think I even said that. The post office person offers to send it for $88.00 overnight. I declined. Debbie won't even be back then. Then the offer was $35.00 guaranteed by Saturday! Think not. Only then did I say, "what is the cheapest way to send this?" Ended up spending $17.00 and I am sure it will be going by camel or very slow donkey. The woman at the post office just seemed disgusted. Who would spend $88.00 for a few pillowcases?????

Shopping in Grandpa's garden was fun. The tomatoes are finally in! I made a yummy tomato-phyllo tart ( for dinner. Sunday and Monday we had completely veggies-only meals and my husband didn't catch on--he is really a meat and potatoes kind of guy--so I thought I would try again with the tart. Very veggie for me with the tart and the corn-on-the-cob from the garden (more shopping in Grandpa's garden), but the husband had popcorn chicken of the run. He is helping a friend down the street build a deck for his mom. Grandpa--otherwise known as my father-in-law--grows the best veggies ever! I am really grateful to be able to shop in Grandpa's garden as our farmer's market moved 30 minutes downthe street. I haven't had farm raised eggs in a couple months.

After the fun shopping then the serious shopping at Costco. I just can't resist that darn coupon book. Bought a few things that were not on the list, but those cookies are yummy. I always get the variety cause no one should have to do without raisin cookies.

I took a nap cause I was so exhausted from my errands!

I am so excited. Tomorrow I am going to Bearpaws and Hollyhocks quilt shop ( to purchase fabric. I want to make a new quilt for my bed and I choose Tag Sale by Miss Rosie. My friend made a darling Schnibbles version and she is going to help me choose. I want to use the fabric line, Martinique--muted blues, pinks, creams and browns. It isn't too feminine so it will work in a bedroom for a husband and wife. I have a quilt on my bed, but I made 3 mistakes with the Ohio Stars, turning the squares the wrong way. While I can only see one when I lay on the bed, I know all 3 are there and it is bugging me. So, new quilt here I come.......


  1. Have fun shopping at BP & HH!! Maybe you should make a tart for Knot-y Ladies? hint hint



  2. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! The beauty of that line really comes out when you pull all the fabrics. It was a good feeling seeing you so happy with the fabric.