Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Sister Came to Visit

I only worked on my embroidered angels for a round robin border I need to have done by August 21st. I was out having fun!

My sister, Caesar, came with her girls and picked me up to go up to Auburn. We had a yummy dinner with wine flowing. Yummm. On Sunday we all got up and went to mass with my aunt. She attends mass at St. Theresa's in Auburn. It is a cute little church where there is A LOT of singing. When time came for the homily, we were told there was a visitor from India needing help with saving some children somewhere in Africa. Now, when you hear the person coming up to the altar to speak is Sister Mary Caroline, you think she might speak English. NO! I guess I should be nicer. She did speak English, but it was so heavily accented that it might as well have been anything else. I got some part about the fertile soil and how they wanted to plant something there (makes sense), but completely missed other key parts. Caesar caught another part and my aunt got nothing. So, after Sister Mary Caroline finished her incomprehensible speech, the priest started talking about tractors and how there were a lot in Auburn. Turns out that Sister Mary Caroline was asking for money to buy a tractor. Really. That is what she wanted????? After mass and then breakfast, we went to Coloma to walk around and let the girls see gold panning. There is a cute museum there and no cell phone service whatsoever.

All in all, we got a lot of pictures and had a great time. I am going to have to get in some quilting time if I am going to make my goal of finishing a Saturday Square quilt by the end of August. Wish me luck!

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