Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pop Up Books

I had planned to make this day count.  While I didn't do exactly what I had planned, I did do something for someone else.  I moved and picked up a bit in my messy dining room and then I made a pop up book about the life of Muhammad and the rise of Islam.  Our 7th graders are studying the impact of Islam in world history.  All the other classes made books that were the usual thing.  The teacher I work with thought a pop up book would be fun.  Three hours later......okay, my book is done.  The cover title is Muhammad in Arabic.  I made the 16 words the kids have pop up.  I think there is not enough time and I am concerned that the ability to use scissors and tape won't be enough.  I began by using a glue stick and it didn't work at all.  White glue is really messy.  Maybe it is me who doesn't like a mess.  I used double sided tape.  Kind of expensive to get that much double sided tape. 

I did some more work on my farm stand quilt, looked up stuff on the Internet and made my husband breakfast.  He is a big breakfast fan.  I wanted to start a quilt with 12 embroidered pieces in my Thimbleberries book.  I had a fabric to use, but I really liked the background for this years kits.  It is a very pale yellow with a cream dot.  I am thinking I won't be able to get that fabric until April or later.  Darn.

Have a great week.  I am having coffee at Maribel's tomorrow, lunch at Mimi's on Thursday, stopping in at Fabric Garden after lunch and meeting friends for some serious stitching time.  Saturday I will be meeting other guild members to work on future Christmas gifts at St. Mark's Lutheran Church.  I know I will sneak in a trip or two to JoAnn's taking the darling daughter to and from work.

Quilt, quilt, quilt!!!!!

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