Friday, January 20, 2012

Good and Sad

Good news.  I saw a red and blue star quilt hanging at Quilter's Corner here in Sacramento.  If you are there, go to the 1800 reproduction fabric section to check it out.  I won't be back there until the 28th and I hope to remember my camera to take a picture.  I found a background fabric that is similar to the one used (some one's stash, and therefore unavailable to me or you) that is a cream with red flowers and a blue dot.  That will bring in the reds and the blues.  I didn't like the instructions and have some better ways (okay, according to me) to make the star points behave.  The pattern calls for 3 1/2 yards of fabric and I bought the entire bolt of 4 yards and 3 inches.  You always have to count on mistakes.....

Sad news is that I will be at a funeral this afternoon.  A friend's father died and I will be sitting at Our Lady of Assumption at 1pm.

With the rain came restless children, but I am happy to report that the students weren't too restless to be borne

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