Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Blanket For The Car

My darling daughter just might be for sale.....

When it started getting cold, my darling daughter picked out a piece of blue fleece that was cheap from Joann's to put on the front window so I don't have to scrape my window.  It has worked for us for a few months now.  While I was cleaning out a corner of my kitchen, I found a big piece of very dark gray fleece.  It was bigger than the blue so it would cover everything.  So, I began putting the blue piece on my son's truck and the gray on my car.  The darling daughter didn't like that.  We bought the blue for the car and by God it must be used only for the car.

I don't really care one way or the other about either piece, except that it gets put in pretty much the same place each day so I can find it at night when I go out to put it on my car.  The darling daughter does care.  She washes the fleece when it is wet out.  I just toss it aside in the bed of the truck and all's good.

Last night I went out to put the fleece on the car and it was gone.  Okay, if the truth be known, we are having a penny drive for leukemia at the school where I work and I wanted a big bag of pennies to donate and I saw a bunch of pennies in our other truck.  I was going to switch them for a few quarters.  I thought, while I was out there I might as well do th4e car a bit early and get it over with.  I couldn't  find the fleece!!!!  I went in the house to inquire and found out it was in the dryer.  I am paying to dry the darn fleece.  Someone, the daughter had a little attitude going and I got angry.  Told her that if she didn't find my fleece she could pack her bags.  She went on and on until I told her to go away and then she still was going on in her room.  What an opportunity.  About a month ago I was speaking to my husband (her father) and from her room she says,
"I can hear you!"   I so wanted to do that to her one night.  From the kitchen I told her, "I can hear you!"

She doesn't think I'm funny.  The darling daughter found my fleece and then went to put it on the car.  I didn't go back out because it is darn cold outside!!!!  Alls well that ends well.  My car was not frosty this morning.
I changed my mind about selling her..........

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