Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saying Good bye to the Son and Purse Snatching

It has been so hectic here. Yesterday I had so many calls from my mother-in-law because today they left for Montana and they took my son. I told him that I would cry every day he was gone. I admit that would be A LOT of tears. He will be gone until August 1st.

Call#1: Why hasn't their grandson brought his stuff over to be loaded into the car?
Call#2: We will be by a little after 6am to pick up the grandson.
Call#3: the purse snatcher was caught (read further on)
Call#4: We will be there at 6:30am to pick up the grandson
Call#5: Could my mother-in-law use my Costco card (which I can't find) so she could go by and
get my father-in-laws glasses? I went for her because she was taking my husband, her
beloved son, to the Good Will store to get some shorts (long story). I creatively
sidestepped the whole "How could you lose your Costco card discussion!

And this is how it went......When it was all said and done, I am now taking my sister-in-law and nephew to the airport on Monday so they can fly to Montana and picking up the whole group flying back on the 1st of August. And I get to drive the Honda Pilot!

Now up to today. I got up 45 minutes early for work so that I could say good-bye to my darling son. Since the in-laws would be here so early, I told my husband that I would make him breakfast and then planned to stop at Starbucks for coffee and the reduced fat coffee cake before work. Got to get that treat receipt! The plan was totally screwed up when no one showed up until 7am....I still made breakfast, stopped at Starbucks and made it to work with seconds to spare.

About the purse snatcher:
Yesterday my daughter and I went to Costco to add my in-laws to my phone plan. This is when I discovered that I have somehow misplaced my Costco card. As we were walking out, we saw this woman screaming about her purse. Two guys drove around the parking lot in a red Expedition looking for a victim. They stopped what we thought was their car and the guy in the passenger seat jumped out and grabbed her purse from the basket as the woman was loading her new big screen television into her vehicle. It does not pay to do this in Citrus Heights or maybe it doesn't pay to do this at Costco. There was a guy repairing windshields and he took down the license plate number. A bunch of customers who were waiting in line at the gas station jumped out of their cars and ran after the guys in the red Expedition. Imagine thinking you can chase down a car. One guy finished pumping his gas and followed the purse snatchers. The police came in record time. While they don't recommend following the bad guys, they did catch up to them and the car following them in West Sacramento where the purse snatchers crashed their vehicle and were arrested for purse snatching and car theft......The whole thing made our local news.

For the record, I put my purse in the car first. Obviously a good practice. Note to would-be purse snatchers who might think my purse would be an attractive target. I have no cash usually as my husband likes to clean me out first thing in the morning, carry no information that would help you steal my identity except my drivers license and that is replaceable. If you read this far, you have to know that I have trouble keeping cards in my possession. That Costco card is in the house---somewhere! Best to snatch a purse that would give you more than the $1.75 I found when I looked last night! Sometimes I am such a mess.

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