Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Whole Lot of Cake!

I was at the library picking up the books I had reserved when I glanced over and saw this book,

The Vineyard Kitchen by Maria Helm Sinskey. It was with a display of new books. I am always interested in new books, so I grabbed it up. I didn't pick it up again until it was time to return it. So, as I was putting it in the book return, I flipped through it and thought I should really keep it for a bit longer. Unfortunately, It was due and I am so cheap I will not pay that 25 cent overdue fee. I wrote down the name to reserve later. When I went online, I checked with Amazon to see how much it was. I got a copy for $.92 plus $3.99 shipping. I decided it was worth the price to check it out and it came yesterday. I LOVE THIS COOKBOOK! The first recipe I plan on making is the Honey Walnut Cake right after the Berry Sorbet.

One year for Christmas, I wanted an ice cream maker. I figured it would be the run of the mill ice cream maker and that was only if my husband had really listened to me. He seldom does when it comes to presents. I was really surprised when I opened a Cuisinart 2 quart ice cream maker. (It was the daughter who was listening...) The only problem is that we had a VERY small freezer and it has been a huge problem to freeze the containers so we can make ice cream. No room to freeze them and not much room to store them. If you have been reading, you know that my husband bought a refrigerator at the Salvation Army when ours died last month. This one has a freezer that could freeze the containers! I am truly excited. Now to find where the ice cream maker is stored..... I am going on a search because the Berry Sorbet sounds so yummy. If it works out, I will share the recipe.

Cake story #2: On Monday, my son tells me he is tired of homemade cake (the lemon cake) and asks me to buy a cake from the store--specifically telling me not to buy a lemon cake. Can I really be hearing this? Homemade is not good enough??? Being the good mother, I don't kill him or tell him how other people appreciate homemade food. Also, being the good mother, I looked on Friday at Safeway for a store bought cake. Safeway has $5.00 Fridays and usually has some kind of dessert on sale. This Friday, Safeway had a Black Forest Cherry cake usually priced at $19.99 on sale for $6.99 which I thought was a great deal. When I got home and presented the cake, someone had the nerve to tell me he didn't want whipped cream frosting. He wanted the other stuff! Again, being the good mother, I refrained from killing him. All in all, a great day for him.

It has been a cake month for us. We also had a carrot cake from Bel Air. Not so good in my opinion. Too much frosting and it should have been cream cheese frosting. Carrot cake should always have cream cheese frosting.

Wish me luck finding the ice cream maker!

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