Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I logged on and found my followers were gone. That is sad. It wonderful to see people followed me. I thought it was something I did. I somehow found a virus and have not had use of my computer for close to a week. I managed to talk my daughter into letting me use her computer Sunday evening, but other than that, nothing. My son was amazing. He fixed the problem and installed something to make me more protected. I have no idea how I picked up the virus, but it wouldn't allow me to access the Internet or my email. So, you can imagine how I figured it must be me. Then I clicked on Kim's Big Quilting Adventure and she lost her followers too. Kim has lots! She said she found hers, but mine are still missing.......I miss you my lovely followers.

Off to work now. God, how I hate freeway traffic! Seven more days of this and I will go back to my regular school that is a 10 minute drive down the street. No freeway. Very little traffic.



  1. Hi, Julia - your followers are back and I was able to join. It may not have been a virus problem as Blogger has been having some issues about following for a while now. They're working on it. Would love to see one of your quilty projects online.

  2. Aren't sons amazing? Somehow they can't fix stuff the totally stumps us.