Sunday, July 3, 2011

St. Andrews

Today I went to a memorial for Tricia's mother. Charleene was 91 years old and died the first part of July. Her family took her back to Texas and buried her with her husband and had a full funeral service there. Today it was a memorial for her here at the church Charleene attended, St. Andrews. We had a small lunch and cake during the social hour after the regular service. It was very nice, well attended and not too long.

While I have participated in events at different Methodist churches (Christmas concerts and others) I had never been to a Methodist service before. This little church is full of friendly people--hugging friendly people who want to be your friend. I am not a touchy kind of gal, but I can hug if I have too. This is a church full of old people. I remember going to events (not the Sunday service) there when my children were little and it was very sweet. Today there was a full church and not all there for Charleene. Except for a disabled child and three other children (one of whom was only a couple months old) there were no children or young parents. It is my understanding that as good as the pastor is, as nice as she seems, she doesn't care for old people. I have a sense that the pastor is wrong for this church. The church sits in a neighborhood full of young families. They need to reach out to the community to get people in there. That part felt sad.

An interesting note: while Charleene was a Methodist, her grandchildren all married into Catholic families and had children, also Catholic.

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