Monday, July 18, 2011

Where is the music???

I am very disappointed. Every year I go to see Music In The Park in Roseville at Royer Park. I looked up the schedule and tonight was supposed to be the Dave Russell Band (country music). I was late (it starts at 6pm) and I expected a crowd when I got there. There was NO ONE there! I thought perhaps I got the date wrong, but no it says July 18 very clearly. I have no idea what happened. My plan was to go there and listen until 7:30pm, then drive home in time to watch the Bachelorette. I watch it every week and call my friend, Leah, at the commercials to critique it all. In the end, I ended up having my picnic dinner in the park, reading while children ran all over the place.

Next concert is July24th at Rusch Park. They better be there!!! I have faith because this is not Music In The Park--it is through Sunrise Park and Recreation and they have always come through. I will call the city of Roseville tomorrow and find out the problem. I hope they hadn't posted all the dates wrong......

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  1. was it called because of heat? our local band in the park was cancelled...