Friday, April 22, 2011

The Quilt Rush Quilt

Here it is--another year that I didn't do Quilt Rush here in Northern California. Okay, I have never done Quilt Rush. The only part I miss is the quilt. You go to all the quilt shops and get a pattern piece at each one and then you can make a quilt. Last year it was a pink, black and white quilt. Very cute. If you don't visit the shops during Quilt Rush, you don't get the patterns. I lusted after that quilt for the 4 months it hung in the local quilt shop. Yes, I could figure it out myself and I will be making what I call a "Good 'N Plenty" quilt someday. This year it is the cutest pastel flowers. Just adorable. Again--no pattern. Will I ever learn??? I did take a picture.

As it is Good Friday and my last vegetarian Friday (hurrah), we had cheese pizza that we make at home. For Easter we will be having ham and grilled lamb with the green death (mint jelly). I am bringing to the in-laws, a broccoli slaw salad and homemade rolls. We will have a sweet potato dish, deviled eggs and a fruit trifle. There may be other food, but that is what is planned.
For breakfast we are having the Paula Dean breakfast casserole with blueberry muffins and strawberries. No lunch, but appetisers will be served--clam dip and chips, salami roll-ups and the spinach dip in the bread bowl. Yummmm.

I am sure EVERYONE cares what food will grace my table--okay, my mother-in-law's table.....

Have a great Easter all!

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  1. Actually I thought it was pretty entertaining! Maybe I don't have much of a life! LOL!! I didn't even think of making a special dinner for Easter. I had been out of town. After hearing about everyone's ham dinners I'm wanting one. I haven't had lamb and green death (mint jelly) in years! (About 30!) I'm sure you had a grand time. (Homemade rolls? YUM!)