Sunday, April 3, 2011

I know, long time no write

I don't even know where I was. I have been reading A LOT! I love to read. I read the newspaper--when I get it from my in-laws, fiction (list below), non-fiction, cookbooks, magazines and whatever I can get my hands on. At night, before bed, I like to read my book and have a Smirnoff Ice, or a glass of red wine--even a cup of tea. I so miss not getting the newspaper, but when my husband pointed out that I was spending $200.00 a year for the Bee, I knew there were more pressing needs for that kind of money. Now, I go over and raid my in-laws pile of paper before they put it in the recycling. Today I got the entire Sunday edition! In the last 15 days or so, I have put binding on a community service quilt (embroidered baskets with 6 seasonal scenes), finished another embroidered square for my blue and white quilt, worked on a baby quilt that is waiting for a border and started whittling away at my large stash of scraps. Yesterday I went to Lafayette here in the Bay Area. I wished I still lived there as I drove through Concord (sigh). My daughter was with me and we stopped at a quilt shop, Cotton Patch, in Lafayette. The shop is in a little house. So sweet. Unfortunately, that is where it ends. The people were nice enough except for the woman who seemed to be following me around. The fabric was just what I would find anywhere. Not much on the walls to excite someone to want to make a project. Frankly, I was disappointed. Not to much in patterns. Books I could get here with a discount. Oh, and the fabric was all $10.99+ per yard. Won't stop i there again soon. We did find the Lafayette Christian Church. The reason for our trip to Lafayette was to attend a memorial for Betty Reineke. She was the mother of my friend, Kim, who I have known for over 30 years. Kim was a surprise baby. Her sister, Sue, went to college when Kim was 6 years old. When we ran around together, Kim's parents were old. Or so I thought. I realized as I sat in the church waiting for the memorial to begin, expect for Kim and her family, my daughter and I were the only ones there under 60 years old. People came over to us and were asking, "How did you know Betty?" Like we were in the wrong place. It was really funny. I recognized a few people--okay mostly their names-- because the Reineke's took me to church with them several times, but obviously I didn't make any kind of impression........ I thought Kim's mother was great. We were pretty much left on our own a lot as Kim's parents went on cruises, playing cards, etc. I did a lot of firsts with Kim because her parents weren't there to tell us no. My parents were always there to direct....They treated Kim like family. She liked that--sometimes. So, hello and now as it is time for bed, good night! Books The Red Thread by Ann Hood Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen The School for Husbands by Wendy Holden Henry's Sisters and Such A Pretty Face -both by Cathy Lamb Night by Elie Weisel (reading it at school with the eighth grade English Class)

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  1. Hey Julie-Julia, I agree with you about Cotton Patch. I went there for the first time last month with Cookie for a shop hop. I was not impressed at all, I sure heard a lot about it at Bearpaws, but cannot understand why! You should have stopped at Thimble Creek in Concord, you would have gone crazy in there, probably on the best stores around! They are so nice and the store has almost everything! I so miss ya!! Hugs!