Tuesday, April 19, 2011

finished quilts......

I have spent the last three days in some pursuit of quilting and embroidery.

On Sunday I was SO lucky! I got to bring a top over to my mother-in-law's and use her long arm quilting machine. My friend, Sandy, and I go over to Quilter's Corner for the Saturday Square. I think I have mentioned this in the past, but I am too lazy to check.....Anyhow, to stay on subject, in 2009 we made blocks from a book we had to purchase. There were four to five different versions of the quilt. Both of us made blocks from 30's fabrics in a kit purchased from the quilt shop and then we made the same blocks out of the 1800 reproduction fabrics. The only difference is that Sandy bought her fabrics in a kit from the quilt shop and I used my extensive supply from my Jo's Little Women days. Sandy finished her top with the 1800 reproduction fabrics, had it quilted and it bound and ready for show. I thought, last week, that if I got my act together, I could get my own quilt top quilted (I had made my top sometime last fall, but hadn't gotten it quilted) and we could show them together and show the difference. We both used the same pattern with one minor difference. The pattern called for an extra border around each square. Since I used my own fabrics, I had plenty of fabrics to do this. Sandy used the fabrics provided by the store and couldn't put the extra border around the squares, but other wise it is the same pattern. It was quilted by the same quilter. We did not use the same fabrics. We show them on April 30th and I will take a picture then and you can compare. Mine is not yet bound, but I have this week.

Monday I was at my embroidery group. It was to be our last night. We had a yummy potluck (loved the pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, green onions and smoked mozzarella), a white elephant exchange and a bit of embroidery. Our fearless leader had a surprise for us. She is part owner in a quilt shop that is opening on May 5th in Town and Country Village here in Sacramento (Fabric Garden) and we are invited to bring our group to the new store on our usual evening in May for free. The group will be starting up again in June, but you can be sure we will be there in May. Any time to spend with Shirley, Kim, Imelda, and all the others--wonderful. I understand that Paulette is teaching the beginning quilting class and it will include her wonderful labels. Paulette came to my guild (Golden Valley Quilters) and gave us a fascinating lecture on labels. I really mean the fascinating part. In fact, I am hoping to use one of her ideas for the label for the quilt mentioned above. I think I even have something vintage that I already own to use.

Today, Tuesday, I spent the day at Sandy's. We took a ride over to Quilter's Corner where I purchased the Summer Sampler from Crabapple Hill Studio. I have the Winter Sampler and the Autumn Sampler. All I lack is the Spring Sampler and Nicole has ordered it for the store and could be in my happy hands on April 30th... While Sandy and I were at the quilt shop, we saw another quilter who is going to quilt some very old tops for Sandy and we have an appointment to bring them in and send them on their merry way on Friday.

So much fun......I am on spring break from school and there are five more days to pursue my favorite hobby! Don't forget to stop by for the comparison pics!

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